10 new favorite furniture designs from IKEA 2019-02

10 new favorite furniture designs from IKEA 2019

The endless source of great design coming out of the creative labs of IKEA still gets us excited. Especially in our line of work, it’s always great to have a more inexpensive but design focused option when working with clients.

We like to occasionally mix and match an IKEA piece into a more upscale Interior. A lot of clients appreciate having a less expensive options to choose from. Out of experience, we have learned that not every expensive furniture option necessarily reflects the right value to a client. Whenever I present a bedside lamp that almost cost as much as the entire bed itself, clients often reject that piece since the value seems not to match the product. In these cases having an inexpensive option is often an advantage.

We like IKEA because they are always at the pulse of time and you can find designs that are similar in look and feel compared to more upscale pieces. But we must also say, some of their design can be a little “too” inspired, if you know what I mean 🙂

Here are the 10 IKEA pieces we would not shy away from showing our clients.


ZWEI Design top 10 IKEA desifns 2019

8. LÅNGFJÄLL chair

(especially loving it in an all-white version)

10.  IVAR (as) sideboard

(Did you know this Design is 50 years old?)

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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