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10K on Instagram! Thank you.

Thanks for a growing following on Instagram!

We are so thankful for all the support, inspiration and motivation we have gotten from all of you, over the past year! It has been so much fun to be part of the Instagram family. We had the chance to inspire and share our work with our following.

These past moths have been extremely busy, but also super inspiring and fun for us. We started our interior design studio ZWEI Design, are trying to build up a business and are working on our first ZWEI HOME collection.


Instagram for building up awareness

Instagram is such a great tool that hast helped us immensely in building our brand and creating awareness. Personally, I love Instagram for it is an easy and simple way to stay informed about current and uprising trends and also connect with designers and creatives all around the world. I never thought it would be so easy to get into contact with the designer I truly admire and actually start a conversation. But that is exactly what Instagram allowed me to do. Thank you for all the great comments and conversations we had the chance to have over the past months!

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Michael and I truly hope we can continue to inspire and connect with all of our lovely followers and are excited to show even more of our own work. There is so much more to come and we are excited to continue to share our work and the designs that inspire us with all of you!

See you on our Instagram!


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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