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2017 Christmas Trends

Tips for a beautifully decorated Christmas and home


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During the Christmas season there are no limits to the creativity and design of my home: from creative DIYs and Christmas cookies to decorating our flat and Christmas tree. Christmas is for me the feast of appreciation, senses and beauty.

Every year I try to bring something new and creative into my Christmas decoration. Personally, I like to change my decoration every year, depending on the mood I am currently in each year. However, I always stick to a few creative rules.


From the right Christmas tree to the placement of ornaments, I pay attention to these three points when decorating.

1. The choice of the Christmas tree.
In general, only real Christmas trees come into question for me. A real Christmas tree triggers a sense of well-being and memories of my childhood. Even the smell of a real Christmas tree can’t be missing in my home. After all, Christmas is the feast of the senses. Address as many senses as possible while decorating is an essential part of the Christmas season.

When buying a Christmas tree, I make sure that it is as straight as possible and has no noticeable holes in its branches. I prefer Christmas trees that taper wide, look full and have long branches.


2. Hanging the lights
An even distribution of the light bulbs and the loose hanging of the cable is important here. I make sure the cable is hidden in the branches as much as possible and that the bulbs are placed so they sit on the front third of the branch. I place my Christmas lights in a wave pattern, towards the trunk of the tree to the tips of the branch, so tree is evenly lit.


3. The hanging of the Ornaments 
1. The ornaments should always float free, meaning they should not rest on the branches.
2. Try to use the Christmas lights to illuminate the ornaments. This will help make your tree gleam and sparkle even more.
3. Hang your ornaments evenly around the tree. I usually hang my tree decorations around the tree in a circle pattern. While decorating, I will often take a step back to look at the whole tree to spot and fill those occasional gaps in the decoration.


What are the tree decorating trends of 2017?

I see 3 main trends for 2017:

1. Natural colors and materials
Nordischer Weihnachts trends 2017 von ZWEI Design

In keeping with the Scandinavian trend of living, natural materials and colors are very much in vogue. Whether it be wood, paper, jute, berries or gingerbread, as long as there are warm, soft and natural shapes and colors, it can be placed on the tree. One of the great advantages of this style is that the tree doesn’t need be fully draped with decoration. Less is definitely more in this trend!

(You can get our natural Stand-up Advent Candle Holder in our ZWEI Design shop)


2. Metal and graphic forms


Whether silver, brass, gold or copper, the metal look is a modern trend for this year. This trend suits especially those who would like to have something a bit simpler, graphic, cooler and modern. My advice: do not mix metals. Choose a metal and combine it with a secondary color. Incidentally, my Christmas tree will be brass and black this year! 🙂

(Our brass Christmas ornaments and brass Candy Canes can also be found in our ZWEI Design shop)


3. Heavy fabrics and luxurious colors, Christmas just like in the Golden Twenties


Dark blues and greens, Bordeaux red, satin and velvet. The more opulent the better. There are almost no limits to this trend. The Christmas tree may look as if it came straight out of a fairytale castle. Decorated with feathers, birds, baubles, bows, bird cages, and all in sumptuous dark and heavy colors.

Greetings from The Great Gatsby!


However, at the end of the day, you should decorate your Christmas tree and house with whatever puts you in the Christmas mood!

I wish you all a very nice Advent season!

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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