5 airbnb interior tips by ZWEI Design

5 Interior tips to create a successful Airbnb interior

Make some money with your Airbnb interior

Airbnb and rental units a popping up left and right! It has never been that easy to make some extra money with the space available to most of us. The range of interiors available reach from spare bedrooms to entire Homes. The space you are willing to share is the limit.

I was surprised whenever if learned how some clever homeowners are able to make a living of renting out their personal space or even investing in real estate and converting them into profitable renting units.


The key is the interior

The concept of making money with your free space sounds easy, but the execution of a successful Airbnb is not that easy. The key (besides a super location) is a well-designed and well-planned Interior.

As an interior design studio, we have been confronted with some good and some quite bad Airbnb rentals. Supporting homeowners in their interior conversions has taught us some key rules we would love to share with you!


Our ZWEI Design Airbnb interior rules

1. Flooring is key

The floor you choose can make or break a room. Especially carpets are a no-no in today’s Hotel and airbnb interior. Most of us feel that carpets are dirtier than flat surfaces like wood, concrete, stone etc. I know for a fact that most people look at the flooring first when booking a space. If they see carpet is often is a reason to not rent a space/room. So rule #1 invest into some neutral flat flooring. It does not have to be expensive hardwood floor. Simply choose a floor that fits into the atmosphere you would like to create within the space. It may be hard to believe but the right flooring will be one of the key factors which is going to make your space into a successful rental unit.

Air bnb interior wood flooring interior tips ZWEI Design


2. Create lots and lots of storage

Storage is the key to making a space appear clean, organized and modern. Most of us are looking for a clean, beautiful/modern and convenient space when looking for a rental. Focusing on making a space feel clean is Key. Storage is the easiest and best way to do so. Storage can be clever, create a seating area out of plywood boxes that can double as storage units. Add open and closed shelving. Hide away all things that are not necessary or only serves a unique purpose. Use storage also as a focal point or design element this way you can combine form and function within the limited space a rental unit offers. This will allow the space to feel modern, clean and will add value to your rental unit.

wardrobe wall plates scandinavian home interior desogn by ZWEI Design

This wardrobe doubles as clever storage space for jackets, bags shoes etc. but also serves as a design element within this small space.


3. Create a neutral atmosphere

Remember the space you are renting out should appeal to as many people as possible. The key here is to create a space that is neutral but still attractive. Choos neutral/earthy colors. Don’t be afraid of being creative, but remember to appeal to a brought audience. The floor, the wall, the furniture the decor, all should speak one visual language. The biggest mistake you can make is to create an interior out of old or unused furniture which has no connection at all. This will make the space look like an old cluttered thoughtless room. No one wants to stay in a room like that.

Living room close up sofa air bnb interior by ZWEI Design


4. Act personal stay neutral

The key to a successful airbnb interior is to understand the expectation of the visitors. People that choose to stay in a rental unit look for the personal experience. They want to stay in a home rather than a hotel. The key here is, that visitors want to stay in a space that will feel like their home, not your home. Keeping this in mind, create a space that feels personal. Have decor and books sitting out. everything that could be found in anyone’s home will do the trick. Do not have personal items sitting out like family photos or things that clearly only relates to you and not the visitor.

dining table shoot black Forrest Air bnb interior by ZWEI design


5. If you wanna go for it GO FOR IT

I know we just talked about keeping the space neutral and semi-personal. But maybe that simply isn’t you. Maybe you are full of personality, love color and unique things. That’s OK! If you feel different be different. There definitely is the market for unique and crazy spaces. But if you wanna go for it, go for it! Make a theme out of your space. The key here is to make everything purposeful. Every corner should be unique and tell a story. Everywhere you look should be fun and exciting. The best strategy is to pick a theme and almost be theatrical with it. Provide an experience for your visitors. If someone chooses a crazy unique space to stay in, they are going to expect to not be in a normal home. Make the space feel like part of an experience, almost like visiting a fun park. As long as you have fun with it, your visitors will as well!A personal favorite of ours is this amazing classic royal home on the royal mile in Edinburgh. Absolutely worth a visit!

Best AIR bnb themed rooms the royal mile edinbourgh

Image from airbnb


I hope these few rules will help you to create a successful airbnb or rental unit. If you still feel overwhelmed with the task of creating the right interior design, feel free to contact us. We would love to support you!


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  1. Great blog! Finally some useful interior design tips for Airbnbs. I have a complimentary article: https://optimizemyairbnb.com/optimize-airbnb-interior-design/

  2. This is amazing guide for home interior design. All the important points like storage and flooring we must have to keep in mind while designing a right interior design. I really love with all your tips! Thanks for adding this knowledge.

  3. The 2nd and 3rd are the one that i prefer. I am about to embark in a mini redesign and I will sure take them into consideration. What is your opinion about pillows? I asked around and a lot of hosts thinks that the more you provide the better is.
    Btw, I have a blog that I use as diary for my AirBnB experience, we should think to do something together 🙂

  4. This blog provides a lot of inspiration for those who want to design the interior. Many interesting explanations here from the floor, walls, colors, to the atmosphere of the room.

  5. Adam Cole says:

    While doing the interior of the house, we do not know many things which thing will suit our home. I also confused like this, I thought of taking some ideas and I found your blog on Google I liked the tips you gave. Thanks!

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