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A modern office interior near Basel

A modern office interior near Basel

Monochrome interior design overlooking Basel

Sometimes it’s fun to look back to the beginnings. One of our very first Interior Projekts was the office of the Digital Marketing Agency AHA Factory.

The young and dynamic AHA team, weres looking for an office that served multiple purposes and reflected their digital and modern company philosophy. Besides the modern and clean aesthetic, they were looking for, this project brought a long list of things we had to consider


Office Interior outlines

First was the variety of products this company offers, from video and website development to inbound marketing, blogging, and exhibition design, this company does it all. We had to find a way to create a space to allow for different work-processes at the same time. The office also had to be wheelchair accessible and offer open and closed office space.


office interior near Basel inneneinrichtung by ZWEI interior DesignDetail inneneinrichtung office interior in Basel design by ZWEI DesignModern minimal office interior near Basel Inneneinrichtung by ZWEI interior DesignModern flexible Office interior Basel inneneinrichtung interior design by ZWEI Design


Creating a modern functional office space

1st we thought about creating a well-organized working space that allowed for quiet areas that allow for concentration, as well as gathering points for team meetings or brainstorming sessions.


seating office interior Basel Inneneinrichtung ZWEI DesignModern minimal office space interior near Basel Inneneinrichtung by ZWEI interior Design Minimal modern Office interior by ZWEI Design inneneinrichtung Basel


We kept the interior quite monochrome and used a pop of colors to create interaction points, like color-cards on each table that can be used like a traffic-light green for “let’s talk” and red for ” do not disturb”.


Modern minimal Office interior near Basel inneneinrichtung interior design by ZWEI Design


Since the CEO is in a wheelchair we did have to think of seating and workspaces that would allow varying heights.


Office Interior AHA Factory near Basel Inneneinrichtung Interior design by ZWEI Design


All in all, I loved this first project because it challenged our knowledge while staying current and in a way humble based on the companies values and budget:)


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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