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Add some greenery and soul to your home

How greenery can add some soul and life into your home

I’ve not always been a big fan of greenery, i actually had to come to love plants in my home.

I always felt that indoor plants made our apartment look busy and unorganised. If i reflect on one my contra-plant-behavior it probably was routed in the insecurity of not having found our designs stiel as a couple yet. I have come to believe that a living, briefing plant is the final touch that makes a home a real home. It adds a soul and live to every space. It almost sound foolish but a plant creates a level of responsibility towards your home! You have to take care of it, water it, make sure it gets enough sunlight and pick up dead leafs. But in return you get a more colorful, more living and more personal environment. And as an extra benefit you enhance the air your brief in! So all in all a really good deal!

The older i get and the more i conect to my home on an emotional level. Home is not simply the place we sleep, eat and work in. It actually is a needed space for me to come to rest recharge and find calmness and structure in a very hectic and unorganised world. The more “quality time” i spend at home the more i desire a connection between the inside and outside.

A huge inspiration, to tackle this new indoor plant challange, has been the Urban Jungle Bloggers to me. This collective of creatives and plants lover are all about living with plants – in their home, in other interiors and in public spaces. There passion is to highlight the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries in urban spaces.

But just like andy object we add to our home, a plant has to fit to our style and esthetic as well. This is why in our next upcoming blog post we introduce a variety of beautiful indoor plant for any home! – Enjoy


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