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An easy way to add some color to your spring decor 2018

How do you add color to your home?

For a while now Michael and I have made the decision to reduce the more colorful pieces of furniture within our home.  Instead, we have been adding colors trough decor. Michael and I are enjoying to use colored objects to create moments of personality and interest. Objects that will fit a certain style, trend or the season we are in. This way we have more flexibility to change our home based on how we feel or try out certain colors and live with them for a while.


candle and flowervase spot


Choosing color for your home seems similar to choosing a colorful outfit. Personally, I tend to wear a very nude and more monochrome style of clothing. Only ever so often I will pick out a colorful piece of clothing. Even then, the color I choose usually is a very natural earthy color like beige, rose, green or a brown tone. The colors we wear on an everyday base are usually the colors we feel most comfortable in. This element of comfort should best be reflected in the color we choose for our home. ( I  did a blog post on the connection of clothing and interior a few months back, read the full blog post here)


Switch it up with our Stand-up Candle Holder

But back to an easy way to add pops of color to your home. This idea of finding objects to add color to our home inspired Michael and me to create our Stand-up Candle Holder. The idea behind our Stand-up Candle Holder was, to find an everyday object that can be personalized through color.

ZWEI Design Chrome plated steel Stand-up Candle Holder ZWEI Design solid brass Stand-up Candle Holder

We started by creating a minimal and clean shaped candle holder base, made from all natural brass or nickel plated metal. This candle holder is made for our skinny candles that have an elegant and long look to them which we really enjoy! On their own, our Stand-up Candle Holder has an effortless and elegant look that will always fit onto a more reduced monochrome and minimal interior. But for these occasions or moods where you are looking for some pops of colors, we created our colorful “DONUTS”. (Yes, there is a reason why you should have some “DONUTS” at home!)


Stack some color


All white window seal All white windowseal Stand-up Candle Holder colorful interior


Our donuts are made to stack on top of our Stand-up Candle Holder to create a colorful layered look that is changeable based on mood, decor or season.


ZWEI Design Stand-up Donuts Midnight Blue Set of 3blue stand up candleholder by zwei design Stand-up Candle Holder bei Mariel from ZWEI Design


There are literally endless opportunities for creativity. We love using this easy and fun way to add color and trying new looks. If you want to learn more about our Stand-up Candle Holder check out our Home Collection product page.

ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Solid Walnut ZWEI Design Stand-up Solid Oak ZWEI Design Stand-up Solid Maple ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Transparent Clear ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Transparent Blue ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Opaque Rosa ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Mirror Pink ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Mirror Midnight Blue ZWEI Design Stand-up Donut Mirror Gold

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