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Art Deco is back

Art deco. reinventing an era

Art Deco Interior Café de l'Esplanade by Casiraghi

Café de l’Esplanade by Casiraghi

Art Deco is a style which established itself in the early 20th century peaking in the late 1920s and early ’30s. It’s an era which found great approval especially in America. The popular style in Europe at that time was called Jugendstil; a style of design that had similarities to the Art Deco but emphasizes more on natural shapes and the inspiration of nature. Art Deco on the other hand emphasized more on form as much as function and focused on glamour and opulence. As the Great Depression swept over America, so did Art Deco’s popularity. It provided a sense of escape in a time where society desperately needed a source of hope, inspiration, happiness and a false sense of security. The fact that design trends oftentimes mirror social behavior and development makes me that much more excited to study and understand design better.


But that was then and today is now – The question is, how does this era inspires us today and how does an Art Deco inspired design look like 100 years later?


I find that the idea behind function and shape is having a huge comeback. You especially see this trend in the work of sophisticated designers who understand that opulence and glamour is not a question of bling bling and more is more but rather a question of high quality materials, the combination of texture and materials as well as color.

Here are some of my favorite Art Deco inspired designs by Joseph Dirand, Dorothée Meilichzon. and Alessandro Bianchi

Monsieur Bleu – Paris, by Joseph Dirand

Monsieur Bleu - Paris Joseph Dirand

Zwei joseph dirand art deco



Le FlandrinParis by Joseph Dirand

Le Flandrin - Paris by Joseph Dirand

ZWEI_Joseph Dirand Art Deco
Le Flandrin - Paris by Joseph Dirand

Panache – Paris by Dorothee Meilichzon


ZWEI Hotel Panache

ZWEI Hotel Panache


Hotel Senato -Milano by Alessandro Bianchi

ZWEI Senato_hotel

ZWEI Senato_hotel

ZWEI Senato_hotel

ZWEI_ Art Deco



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