White pumpkin Fall/Autumn decor

Autumn feeling in white

White pumpkins for our fall decor

I love the rhythm of time. It’s something I always look forward to. I can’t wait for the first flowers to bloom in spring and hear the birds sing again. I love the warm summer sun and the smell of nature. I am amazed by the change of colors in fall, when all the leaves start to turn yellow, orange, red and than brown. Colors so beautiful and vibrant no painter could capture the beauty of it. And winter… when the snow covers the world and everything looks clean, calm and pure.

It is fantastic how nature chances and provides these season of inspiration.



white pumpkin
White pumpkin by mollyone

Autumn is arriving!

The leave are turning red and the first splashes of orange pumpkins are ready to be harvested. I am excited for pumpkin soup and love long fall walks taking in the last few shafts of sunlight, I am however not the biggest fan of the typical fall colors. They do look beautiful in nature but not so much in our apartment.

Luckily, this season is providing so much more inspiration than just red yellow and orange. with a little bit of inspiration and craftines you can have a minimal and beautiful autumn feeling in white.



White pumpkin

White pumpkins are usually decor pumpkins and can be picked up at any organic store or pumpkin farm.

To style them you really can’t do much wrong, place them on there own or put them together with some decorative baby’s-breath  (gypsophila ). what every you choose have fun with it.





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