Bilou Bilou velvet chair

A fabric covered dream


Bilou Bilou dining velvet chair via ZWEI Design

red, green, beige, blue, grey …this fabric covered chair by Promemoria is simply cool. I love this Italian glam vibe this dining chair has. Paired with some neutral colors and clean polished surfaces this chair adds the right amount of color and glam.


The pop queen amongst chairs

I love how Obumex has used the  BILOU BILOU Chair in this interior. Obumex calls it an “inviting sense of calm…” and I think its the perfect description for this space. I love it and this is why the BILOU BILOU chair is definitely on my wishlist.


And if I would have to choose a color I would go for the grey or dark green 🙂


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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