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Brass fashion hanger_Zweidesign

Brass hanger

We show you, how you can make your closeth into a real showpiece with our fashion brass hanger.

brass hanger_Zweidesign

I do love fashion. I love everything about it, fabrics, patterns, texture, color, cut, detail and the list goes on.

The cloths we wear are not simply functional anymore. No, fashion has become a way to express our self. We choose colors shapes and patterns based on our liking, our mood and our personality.

Interior = Fashion

If you think about it, there are so many parallels between fashion and interior. The most obvious difference between the two is, that instead of clothing ourself we clothe our rooms. And to go one step deeper, I find, that In many ways fashion and interior have merged. We present our cloths as part of our interior, we choose colors and patterns that look good openly displayed. Fashion designer nowadays have their own interior brads, they design curtains, pillows, sofas and so on. What looks good on the runway seems to look good on our sofas too.

runway interior_Zwedesign

The way we present our clothes has become an essential part of the fashion experience. We build walk in closets because we actually love to look and see our beautiful possessions. We build open shelves so our shoes and bags are openly displayed. Some of us even colorcode our clothes to give our walk in closets that extra touch of aesthetic.

cloth interior_Zweidesign


But what is with the essential thing we actually hang our clothes with. The hanger? Often these are the only thing we stop paying attention to. Most of us have ugly plastic hanger that don’t really fit within the concept of our well designed and organised closets… well, we at ZWEI thought we change that!

The perfect hanger

We designed a hanger that not only is made from brass and complements the beautiful and rich material that are being displayed, we also worked on finding the right shape to make an regular hanger into a sculptural piece.

We love the simple but elegant look of our brass hanger, and believe that it will elevate every closet into a real showpiece.

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