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brass paper clip_ZWEI

Brass Paper Clip


Pencil, paper, ruler, scissors, tape dispenser, paper clip and many more office supplies are our daily companion. Every day I come to my office and use these tools to make my work life easier. These object we use and look at daily

Often when designing we focus on the big things like a chair, a desk, the carpet or the walls. But actually I find that especially the little things are the elements that make a space into a well designed space.

Not being satisfied with my desk we at ZWEI started to use these basic shapes, we are use everyday and gave them a design makeover.


The brass paper clip.


I really like the shape of a paper clip. It is simple, well proportioned and obviously easy to use. The foundation of every great design. We obviously did not had to invent the wheel new. But we thought “da geht noch was” how we say in german. We rescaled the basic shape and used brass as material.


brass paper clip_ZWEI


Our brass paper clip is a multipurpose organisational tool. We designed them in two sizes in a magazine size and in a book size. You can use them as bookmarks, or to organize the piles of paper we all have on our desk.



A simple way to add some beauty to your work environment with not compromising functionality! Win win I would say.



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