Brass wall disc

A sculptural and practical wardrobe

Almost all of our designs are inspired by our own way of living. We create based on what we feel is missing within our apartment.

We are living in a quiet small space, which means that ideally every object should serve multiple purposes. When living in a 45m2 apartment every object is on display there simply is no space to somehow hide or cover objects or allow for mediocrity within the design.

Whenever we thought of putting up a wardrobe, we realized that there is nothing out there that serves our needs and looks the way we like it. This was nothing to be frustrated about but rather an opportunity to get creative. We wanted a wardrobe which would look sculptural enough, that it could serve as a art wall piece as well.

Brass made it onto our wall

Since we love clean and natural surfaces and really love color and structure of brass. The choice of material was clean right from the start. You would think living in a small space makes for small objects. But we actually like to have fewer but bigger pieces in our apartment. Somehow this gives it the illusion of having more space.

We created our Brass wall disc in three sizes 12cm, 9cm and 6cm.  To be honest our brass wardrobe also never made it into our hallway, but rather we displayed them above our fireplace because we simply love looking at them:) We hope you do as well










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