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Card stand DIY

Be creative and give your desk a little bit more personality

In our last blogpost (office space makeover) we introduced 3 office-trends to you, which we hope inspired you to take on a little makeover yourself.

In this DIY we show you step by step how to create a card stand out of an old book.


Here is what you need:

  • A pocketbook or A5 Book
  • scissors
  • Tape or glue
  • Black white and black paper
DIY tools

DIY tools

Let’s start:


  1. Cover your book with it the white piece of paper, just the way you would bind a book for school.
    (make sure the edges are all folded nicely and tucked in perfectly)


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  1. Open the book up in the middle and start folding the right and the left corne into the middle until you get a perfect triangle. The tip will probably kind of fold double because the paper in a book is not a perfect square, but that ok.Than take the next page and fold that page horizontal in the middle, so you basicly fold the page in half.

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2321,2325,2327,2329″]


  1. Repeat these two fold after each other until all pages are fold. (I usually fold the one half of the book completely and then start with the second half.

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2331,2333″]


  1. After folding all Pages you have to options to finish the book. You actually can rip of the cover (than of course you don’t need step 1) or you glue a colored or patterns piece of paper into the inside of the cover. I went with black. You can use this area for some notes or a lovely quote etc.

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2335,2337″]


  1. Done, now you simply decorate and organize your business cards, invites or notes in this lovely card stand.

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2339,2341″]

Voilà, easy DIY to be creative and personaliz your workspace!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY

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