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How to choose the right color for your interior

Find the right interior color

Picking out the right color is probably one of the hardest choices when it comes to Interior Design. I myself have faced that challenge for many years. There always has been that slight fear to make a wrong decision when it comes to picking out a color scheme for our interior. The challenge was to choose a color that both, looks good and we would like for many years. It took me a while until I figured out, what I find to be a good and working method when it comes to color. Which I gladly will share with you, based on the experience I have made.


The challenges when it comes to picking out a color


Choose the right interior color palette white blush color swatches via ZWEI Design


Ther are so many variables to take into consideration when picking a color.

1. there is the personal preference, the colors you like and prefer. Most of us tend to like either warm colors like browns, red, yellow or cold colors like blue, purple and green. Within these types of color, we then tend to have preferences of shades and nuances.


2. we are influenced by external factors and trend. Depending on the season we like brighter or nude colors better. Each season we are presented with new trend colors that inspire and influence us in some way.


Believe me, I have gone through many color schemes in my home so far. From rustic browns to pale pastels to rich dark have blue, green and gold tones. I always very much enjoyed these new color inspirations, but after a year or so, I realized this again was more of a trend than the right color scheme that represents my personal color aesthetic.


But how do we choose the right color scheme?

Well, surprisingly the answer is pretty easy.

1. we have to accept that not every color trend needs to find space in our home. Some trends we might like in stores or magazines, but it’s simply not the right color for our home. Personally, I made the decision, to only ever buy small accessories in trending colors. That way, whenever the trend is over, I can replace these objects without losing a lot of money.

2. I have to accept what my personal color scheme is and stick with it! When making as big furniture or paint decision, I always have to remember what my color scheme is. If that stunning sofa, I like so much, is only available in a green velvet… it might be best to hold on until it is available in gray again… it is not always easy to make these decisions, but believe me, it’s worth sticking with the colors you will live most harmoniously with for a long time. This obviously brings me right to the Million dollar question, on how to find a personal color scheme.


So, here it is my number one advice when choosing your color scheme!

Go to your closet and have a real good look at it…


clothing fasion color palette beige monochome colors via ZWEI-Design


The colors you choose to wear, tell you which colors you feel most comfortable in. Sounds pretty logical right? Now you might say:” Well, I have all kind of colors in my closet.” Simply think about your 4-5 favorite daytime outfits. The outfits you feel most attractive in when going to work or to a dinner with friends. Quickly you will see that you have already a color preference. Personally, I wear a lot of black, gray, beige and rose colors. Understanding the colors I feel most comfortable in, helped me to choose the colors I also like to live in most. For me, this meant natural, muted, soft tone and nuances of the same color beige or gray. Obviously, I also have a few colorful pieces in my closet. But just how I do not wear them a lot, I also only need pops of colors in my interior.


Interior and fashion clean minimalism choose the right interior color palette via ZWEI Design Interior and fashion grey chic choose the right interior color palette via ZWEI Design


If you are the kind of person that simply loves colorful, textured clothes with a whole lot of patterns, picking a color palette might seem difficult. In this case, my advice would be,“don’t be afraid to live in color”. Still, try to find the colors that speak most to you like warm or cold colors, or pick out your favorite piece of clothing.  Study why you like it. Is it the color combination? The Pattern? Is it big areas of color, or many intrigued shapes and patterns? Use your clothing as a mood board for your interior.


Interior and fashion rose french scandi chic choose the right interior color palette via ZWEI Design

Interior and fashion colorful choose the right interior color palette via ZWEI Design


Time will change your preference

My advice is to do the closet test every 5 years or so. With time your color preferences will maybe change and so can and should your interior. Be confident in what colors you wear and what colors you like to live in! And if you ever ask yourself, would I like this color in my home, go and buy a piece of clothing in that color. Wear it and see if you like it!


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