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The “code black” interior trend

Black is not just a trend in fashion, but also in interior design. Here is our black fireplace DIY for inspiration on how to update your home!

Somehow, every few months the urge of changing something within our 45 m² european flat comes over us. Since Michael and I are both designers and are constantly surrounded by design, I guess it’s not surprising that we get inspired and want to change things around.

The only downside to this is that our apartment does not leave much (physical) room for change 🙂 That’s why we have to work with what we got; a challenge that all designers have to face!


I am more of a white space kind of girls, but somehow I really am loving the black trend at the moment! I think a lot of us are scared to have a big all black (not he New Zealand rugby team) object sitting in our house! I had to get used to the thought myself. But I wanted to give this look a try. We started by adding some design objects like our black Eames House Bird and Eames occasional table to our interior. What I love about these Vitra designs are that even though they are black, they have this lightness and minimalist feel to them!

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Even with these black additions, we felt our flat still needed this one bold black statement. We had a faux white fireplace in a shabby style and we were ready to eleminate the last shabby object in our house. So, with some contemplation, we decided that our fireplace is our chosen black statment peice! “Code Black” for our fireplace!

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We bought some black mat paint and a black granite window ledge for our local hardware store and got to work. This actually was a very easy DIY. We sanded down the surface and gave the fireplace a few codes of black. To finish up and elevate the look, we attached the granite window ledge to the top…and voila!

[gallery columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”2512″]

We love this new look! Modernism meets mid-century.

And one thing we have learned, black is nothing to be afraid of!



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