Contemporary embroidery

A needle, a canvas and lots of colorful yarn… these are pretty much the ingredients you need to create something, all our grandparents already know how to create ūüôā Beautiful embroidery!¬†

Contemporary embroidery

Contemporary embroidery

Personally I love that time brings back old techniques. If it is crocheting, or knitting, watercolor, or embroidery. What worked back then still works today!

Isn’t that what design is all about? Techniques that have been around for centuries, inspired by today’s trends -create modern designs!

The work by Sarah K. Benning, uniquely captures modern motives, combined with traditional embroidery she creates stunning designs!

What I love about her work is that she is able to give pictures life and texture again. Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram and the opportunity to browse through¬†thousands and thousands of photos to be inspired. But there is something special about having a image in front of you that you can actually touch and feel and experience, other than just swiping through it.

Check out Sarah’s work on Instagram, it’s worth it.

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