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What makes a HOME?

What makes a home? (a definition of home)

Well, as an international couple one of us always lives outside of his or her home country. That makes the definition of home a little bit more difficult. There are many ways we define Home. There is the emotional Home, a Home that is not tied to a place, city or even country. It’s a feeling of “home” whenever you are together with the people you love. Being together with each other, with our families and friends–for my husband even being together with his dog–creates that feeling of home and belonging. But then there is that very physical feeling of home which is tied to a place. This version of HOME is very important to me! I somehow find rest and peace in familiarity. It is funny, I’m married to an American, my life is set up for travel and seeing the world (which I do enjoy) but I am also very connected to the physical space I call HOME. Whenever my husband and I travel, I enjoy seeing new things and getting to know people, but the deep feeling of rest and peace never is quite the same as it is at HOME.

There is a saying “my Home is my Castle” which expresses how I see a place called HOME. It’s a place of protection, it’s a place of stability, it’s a place that creates identity, it’s a place of beauty and expression. Whenever you travel through Europe and visit a castle you might understand the depth of that expression. Even though these ruins haven’t been lived in for centuries you still get an idea of who it was that used to live in these places. You still will see what they valued, what inspired them how they lived their daily routines and you understand that they felt safe.

Burg Rötteln (Fort Roetteln)

We don’t have to build castles anymore but I think this deep desire of protection, stability, identity and beauty is still deeply rooted in us. In a world where safety is a disappearing feeling, where mass production is creating impersonal spaces, and calmness and peace is a rare good. Nowadays, we long for a place called HOME now more than ever. ( I know I do)

I guess this is also one reason we started ZWEI. We had a desire to create pieces that would help shape our home. Pieces that would mean so much to us, that we would take them with us wherever we go, to whatever place we would call HOME next.

Xo Talitha


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