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Globe lamp

A globe lamp for our dining room

A globe lamp for our dining room

All our designs usually start with something we like or want for our own apartment.

Michael and I tend to get bored by the look of our apartment quit quickly…( I don’t know if that is always a good thing, but it keeps us creative).

A few weeks ago we designed a new light for our dining room table. Since we love globe lamps we figured a globe lamp installation would look cool above our tulip table.

Globe lamp


Our own testing lab

For me testing our design first in our own space is a great way to get a fell for the objects we create. Usually they change quite a bit after we first put them up in our space. Living with our designs makes us realize what is missing or could be changed. We basically are our own testing lab…

Globe lamp

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into our apartment. For more Foto have a look on Instagram



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