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DIY succulent shelf

Build a succulent shelf (for only 20 Euro!)

Do you have that empty wall, staring at you all the time, but you just don’t know what to do with it? We definitely had that wall in our livingroom, mocking us, challenging our creativity! Then one day my husband had an idea and asked, “What about creating an indoor succulent garden?” I was intrigued! An idea was born.

Like most of our projects, we started with a quick drawing and a trip to IKEA and our local home inmprovment store.

Here is what you need to build your own mini succulent garden:

  1. You will need the MOSSLANDA Picture ledge, in white from IKEA. This Picture ledge comes in two sizes, 115cm or 55cm. We choose the longer one.
  2. A drill and 3 screws
  3. A black plastic tarp
  4. Succulents, soil and, optionally, moss (all which we purchased at our local home improvment store)

Step 1

Measure the spot you want the picture ledge to hang. Tipp: Hang it around eye level; you want to be able to look straight at it and needs to be low enough that you can easily mist the succulents.

Step 2

Fasten the shelf to the wall, using a level to make sure it hangs straight. 🙂

Step 3

Cut a strip of tarp the same length as your Ikea MOSSLANDA picture ledge and about 16cm wide so that is covers the bottom and the sides of the ledge.

Step 4

Fill the ledge with a small layer of soil and place as many  succulents as you would like in it (we choose 5). Make sure the succulents are set in the soil. We added a layer of extra moss to give it a greener look!


Super easy! And that empty wall will definitely wont be mocking you anymore.

Care: mist weekly or give the succulents a few drops of water. You also want to lightly fertilize the soil every 5-6 Months.




Photo credit : api.shopstyle.com

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