Dubrovska Studio brass cane weave shutters

Dubrovska Studio | watch out for brass and cane weave shutters

The amazing work by Dubrovska Studio.

Dubrovska Studio brass cane weave shutters

After getting an overwhelming response on this Photo, I had to dedicate a blog post to this amazing project called sense. 

I am deeply in awe of this interior. The soft powdery colors and textures used, create an almost surreal atmosphere. This interior really was created to speak to our senses.

A new kind of Sense

From the Formakami Lamps for &Tradition by Hayon Studio to the sink all materials are humble, honest and somehow rudimentary but luxurious. I admire the work by Dubrovska Studio and would have them redo my home in a heartbeat.

I had the chance to quickly talk to Natalie Dubrovska, creator and founder of Dubrovska Studio. She is a very kind and friendly person who has an engaging and friendly way of communication. I am super excited to follow her career and to keep an eye on her next projects. Dubrovska Studio is definitely one of the Studios to watch out for.


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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