I see marble

The beauty of Marble

I see marble_Zwei

Marble, in my opinion one of the most delicate and beautiful natural materials. When limestone deforms under heat and pressure, beautiful marble of different colors and crystal structures are formed. Marble can vary in color from pure white to gray, blue and green tones.

Alone the different structures and color this stunning natural material comes in, make it worth to take a closer look at the different types of marble.

We want to share with you our favorite marble types:

  1. Calacatta Blue from Namibia

    Calacatta Blue marble_Zwei

  2. Bianco statuario from Italy

    Thassos marble_zwei

  3. Palissandro Bluette

    Pallisandro bluette

  4. Bianco Macchietta

    Bianco Macchietta_ZWEI

  5. Calacatta B. from Borghini in Carrara

    calacatta borghini_Zwei

  6. Statuarietto from Tuscany

  7. white super


  8. Monte bianco from Brazil

    Monte bianco_ZWEI

  9. The classic Calacatta Regular

    calacatta regular_Zwei

There are many different treadments for Marble. The common finishes are Polished, Wood, Matt, Leather, Sand, Fiber and Water. The various finishes, should always respected and explore the material to reveal its real essence. Usually the cost of Marble varies between 60$-900$. Well I hope this little gallery inspired you to go and find the marble of your dreams.




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