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inspired by color, dusty and rustic red, brown and gold tones

Totally on trend right now are dusty, powdery and rustic colours.
mood board rustic colours by ZWEI Design
We definitely are jumping on that color-trend-train! The soft, yet earthy aesthetic does speak to my longing for a natural, calming and honest interior. These colors are genuine and objects within that color scheme somehow feel routed and honest to me. If you open your eyes, you naturally find these beautiful nuances of powdery colors everywhere. That little bit of green growth on a stone, a dried leaf on the ground, the contrast between wet and dried soil, linen, terra cotta, wood… these colors are everywhere! You simply have to take some time, breathe and pay attention, and you will find beautiful nuances of dusty, natural colors in unexpected places.
minimal pink interior light rose mirror

Dusty color trend

Here are some of my favorite products that fit within the dusty, powdery color trend:
Rustic interior design wishlist objects menu world frama, ontwerp duo, morihata

My Dusty, Natural Wishlist


  1. Binchotan Charcoal by Morihata

  2. Cylindrical Container by Menu
  3. Tailor Sofa, Smoked Oak by Menu
  4. Edge Vase by Skagerak
  5. Claire, Silver Grey by Morihata

  6. Afteroom Dining Chair Plus by Menu
  7. Studio Kitchen | Unit B by Frama

  8. TALLOW by OntwerpDuo

There are so many objects to love following this trend!
I hope this blog post will inspire you to go out find some natural objects that have a lovely powdery look and bring some natural vibes into your own home!


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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