Scandinavian living meets industrial Basel interior design

Interior design in the city of Basel

A little bit of Scandinavian living meets industrial interior at the heart of Basel.

I have been working on my largest interior design project for a view weeks now. We are in the process on transforming an 800m2 industrial storage space into a warm and welcoming community center. The space we are creating will host a childcare area, a cafe, office space, meeting rooms, industrial kitchen and an event space. All these spaces should work together creating one consistent identity but also be able to used as separate and individual spaces.


The interior challenge

My challenge is to create an interior design that will connect all these areas. My focus will be on keeping a high level of functionality while creating comfort and fun elements within the different spaces, all while staying on a super tight budget!


The interior concept

This week I will share some of my first inspirations and interior concepts for this Basel city interior design project.

Café interior inspiration

Event hall interior inspiration

Daycare interior inspiration

Daycare center interior design basel by zwei design


I’m very excited for this fun and quite raw interior concept!

Next week I will show you some first 3D renders and an update on the project, see you then!





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