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Interior illustration Converence center Basel By ZWEI Design

Interior design concept for community space in Basel

Material, Layout and interior concepts

I have been working on the interior concept for a community space in Basel for a few weeks now. It’s been quite the ride to bring together all de different aspects of this 700m2 project.

As a recall, we are creating a space which will serve a variety of ways. The project involves creating a daycare center, a cafe, offices a professional kitchen and a conference hall, all withing one connected space.



One of the key interior aspects of creating this space successfully will be Zoning. Zoning is an interior and architectural concept on creating spaces within one space by defining zones trough visual aspects of the architecture, layout and interior concept.

As an interior design studio, we love to work with the challenge that the architecture and the use of space present to us. Inspired by the aesthetic of the space, we choose an industrial-inspired interior combined with Scandinavian qualities to bring in a warm and a more homey feel. We have been working on the layout and usability of the space for the past few weeks. (read more about the different stages of this project in previous blog posts) This week we are going to show you some of the first interior illustrations.


To see what we started out with check out the blog post of week one  “taking on a construction site”

The main zones

Conference space
The main Zone will be used as a multipurpose room. It will function as a conference room, entertaining and concert space.


3D Convencencenter ZWEI DESIGN BASEL


The Café Space

The second Zone is divided by a wood overhang that will be continued in the right-hand wall to separate the two main zones multipurpose space and Café space from each other. The separator will also function as a lounge area and will serve as a third flexible Zone.


3D GZ Café Interior Design ZWEI Design Basel


The Daycare

On the second floor, the main space will be used as a daycare center. The entrance we separated trough a huge play zone that divides the space into three sections to create active- and rest area.


3D schatzinsel-Daycare interior ZWEI DESIGN Basel


There will be one big classroom which we visually separated into two group spaces that can be separated trough a heavy curtain. It was important to keep this space as flexible as possible since there will be times where all kids come together as well as time apart. It was important that the space had to be flexible the fit to the varying program.


3D schatzinsel-Daycare interior ZWEI DESIGN Basel


This is the first stage of the Interior concept we will continue working with the client to figure out more on what works and what does not for the everyday use of these spaces, so stay tuned to see more of this project




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