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Interior design trends we want to see more of in 2019

Its 2019 and we are excited to see what this year will bring, especially looking at upcoming trends. Naturally, we have thought about what we want to see more of in 2019.

Sources of inspiration

Our journey through 2018 is part of our inspiration for this new year.

We had the chance to work together with different clients, different styles, work with new materials and in some way re-discover old designs. All of this has shaped and formed desires of what we want to see more of this year.

This is our shortlist for our interior design trends of 2019:

  1. Wainscoting!
  2. Track lighting
  3. natural earth tones
  4. Hochflorig/ shaggy/ long pile Textiles
  5. Line drawings
  6. Longboard ore parallel flooring

Let’s take about these trends.

  1. Wainscoting or Panelling

Wainscoting is a wall covering technique that adds interest and architecture to a room. There are endless varieties of Wainscoting. Complex and ornate versions called Boiserie mostly found in French architecture. A more vertical paneling approach is used in English Interior Design, all the way to the puristic version mostly used by the Shakers in the late 18th century. The shaker style paneling is well proportioned with the rails framing square panels.

Regardless of the style or technique, we love wainscoting. It adds a level of complexity to a room we a very drawn to.

Waiscoating interior trend wood paneling
Stine Christiansen for dinesen

Track lighting

This type of lighting usually is found in a commercial setting.  We all have seen track lighting in galleries or stores. They are perfect for a more flexible and focused source of lighting. We love the modern and clean look these lighting systems provide. Used in a home setting, the flexibility of directing a light source where it is needed is a great addition to a room. You can clip in and turn the light wherever you need it within the light track. We are hooked!

track lighting by zwei design
track-lighting in the home of ZWEI Design

natural, earth tones

If you are looking to make a change in your home, starting with color is a great option. Color is the easiest and quickest update that will create a big impact within your space. This year we want to see more beige, deep greens, browns and terracotta on the walls, furniture and decor. We love the natural earthy look, that connects the inside with the outside.

earth tones interior design by ZWEI Design
KI Vase by ZWEI Design

Hochflorig/Shaggy/long pile Textiles

Hochflorig or shaggy carpets is a style that might remind some of you of the 60s and 70s where carpets and textiles were all the craze. This trend was eliminated by the ultra-modern trends of the past years were clean, sleek and smooth surfaces where the desired look. Now carpet and especially high and soft surfaces again, are the way to go. We love the soft and cozy look, which especially when kept in one tone/color can look modern and clean. Thinking about replacing your tile or wood floors? We definitely are excited to see this carped trend growing.

shagy rug ZENITH Rug for DWR
shagy rug ZENITH Rug for DWR

line drawings

Picasso would be thrilled about the revival of this trend. One line drawings are a beautiful way to add art into a more reduced and humble way. Line drawing art will fit beautifully into a modern home that focuses on keeping the overall lines within furniture and design reduced. Combining the flowing lines with natural lines found in flowers, wood, and other natural materials will create a harmonious look.

The Posterclub and ac globe lamp by zwei design
AC Globe lamp by ZWEI Design for The poster club

longboard/ parallel flooring

We have seen ultra wide and look farmhouse stile flooring as well as the chevron craze. Both trend we have enjoyed seeing in the past. Nevertheless, the traditional more narrow longboards that are laid parallel are a style of flooring we find timeless and never get tired looking at. Due to its narrow shape, this style flooring will naturally widen a space, while creating a rhythmic and calm like repetition that sets the foundation for a timeless interior.

wood flooring
Home of Madeleen Asplund Klingsted

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