Black and white tile grid furniture and accessoires we love

It’s all about the grid

I am loving the black and white tile look. Whether it is intentionally used in a bathroom or kitchen for a graphic and clean look or as a design element in furniture and accessories, this grid pattern really stands out.


bathroom designered by Yael Perry and Dafna Gravinsky, along with architect Amir Navon


With this trend, you can go big or small. Add a grid pillow from our own ZWEI HOME collection to your bedroom or couch. Be creative and make your own DIY grid planter, or get one of the amazing Grid consoles from IKON Kobenhavn. These are just a few great ways to add the grid designs into your home. For more ideas and inspiration I have put together a small list with some of my favorite grid designs.


DIY Grid planter 


DIY-Grid pattern black and white-Planter via ZWEI Design


Random pillow by ZWEI Design


White and black grid mini pillow grafisches kissen design




IKON LONG CONSOLE TABLE by ikon kobenhaven


Artwork by Richard Roth


Artwork by Richard Roth black and white grid frame


Working girl lounge Sofa by deadgood



The Pure Imprint’ Quilt by DKNY


Stepp decke by DKNY


There are many more easy ways to add the grid look into your home! From painting your own grid pattern on some white IKEA glasses and plates. Creating your own grid wrapping paper. Or creating a wall wire grid to organize letters and to-dos out of chicken wire. The choice is up to you!  Find additional inspirations and DIYs online on my Pinterest page.


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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