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Apparatusstudio, Marc Merckx, Tortus Copenhagen

We can’t help but admire so many talented designers and artists! We strongly believe in the power of inspiration and support. Acknowledging each other’s talent is humbling and empowering at the same time. This is why we want to share with you the Designers, Products and Artists that humble, inspire and empower us.


This month we would like to introduce Apparatusstudio, Marc Merckx, Tortus Copenhagen

These amazingly talented designer range from interior design to product and furniture design to the creation of beautiful ceramic and extraordinary craftsmanship!



Gabriel Hedifar and his partner Jeremy Anderson are the hands and brain behind this new york based design studio. Together they create the most stunning design objects. Each individual piece is assembled by hand at there manhattan studio. Aged brass, etched glass, leather, marble, and porcelain are combined to create lighting fixtures, that are sculptural, imperfect and vintage inspired. Every design object has character and an unbelievable depth of beauty. This DUO is living proof that design in routed in the love for material, technique inspiration, process and passion. Both originally had a careers in fashion and PR, purely out of the need for a light fixture that would showcase some art in their apartment this duo tapped their toes into creating a light fixture. There first DIY project was so successful, that immediately there friends started to order there design. Just two years later apparatusstudio became there full time job! We are beyond grateful that they were adventurous and creative enough to go down this path!

Marc Merckx

This Antwerp based architect and designer is on a constant search for the perfect balance between proportions, materials and space. His focus on space and light uplifts the minimal to the luxurious. His chosen materials appeal to all senses and make every space that bit more complete. We appreciate how he allows space, material and light to speak for themself. Nothing intervenes with the integrity of these individual aspect whenever he created a space. In 2015, Marc launched ICO, a small collection of objects and furniture. His objects continue to reflect his minimal and respectful approach to material, functionality and form. Marc created atmospheres within his work that allows you to breath, rest, wander off with your thought and to observe light and texture and the play these two elements have when crossing each other.

Tortus Copenhagen

Ceramics that mesmerize and create a longing to dive into a world of craftsmanship. Tortus is a ceramic studio based in copenhagen. Their modern adaptation of traditional making methods create vessels of a timeless quality and beauty. Each production is created out of an artistic dialog between material, design and hand-work. To observe Eric (the hands behind tortus) creating, forming and sculpting his vessels is like watching a flower blosom in slow motion. It is fascinating, beautiful and full of life (and somehoe very calming)! Tortus is proof that simplicety, craftsmanship and appreciation of material is an artform in itself.

Marc Merckx


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