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Learn about design basics, share your knowledge!

Why we all learn more whenever we share our knowledge!

I love that as a creatives our boundaries are not limited anymore! I love that I can try out things. Our digital age made it possble that we have access to knowledge that supports us on our journey of creativity! What seemed impossible, nowadays is possible! Who thought, that we could be a generation that can be whoever they wanne be. I’m a designer, a (semi) builder, a (semi) marketer, a (semi) salesperson, a (semi) accountant and a (semi) photographer all at the same time! Thanks to the internet and actual professionals sharing their knowledge, I can learn design basics and grow in areas I never thought I could.

Appreciate knowledge

I love knowledge, I love to grow, to learn and to get better in all areas. This is why we at ZWEI want to share our knowledge! We want to give you an inside into the basics of design. We love design we love space we love communication and there is so much knowledge to share.

So let’s embrace knowledge! Let’s share what we know, out of thankfulness that others share their knowledge to. But most of all let’s be respectful to those that actually are professionals and honor their knowledge with the respect to reflect on our own limitations and be ok with it.

Xo Talitha


(Photos by unspalsh)

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