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Interior design diaries Week 2 Projectplan basel ZWEI Design

Many spaces one building

An office, a daycare, a cafe, a meeting place, a refuge, a home

You might ask what all these spaces have in common? Truth be told, not much! However, at my current interior design project in the center of Basel, they all have to come together in one big space.


The project

Last week I introduced you to our current 800 m2 interior project in the heart of Basel (Switzerland).

This week I will tell you a little bit more about the client and the expectation towards the space we are transforming!


What are we building?

We are building a community center. for an organisation which is looking for a space where they can serve the people in their community.

The challenged we face will be to create an office space, meeting rooms, a childcare area, two kitchens, a cafe which also will be used as soup kitchen and a huge events space for church meetings as well as concerts.

All these different spaces come with their very own requirements both architectural and aesthetically.


The architectural challenge

Building requirements are very strict here in Switzerland. The biggest challenge will be to make sure we get approval for all the different uses of the space, as well as the amount of people we need to accommodate. We are talking about fire safety, exit routes, sound proving, material requirements, accessibility, parking and so on.

A lot of planning and paperwork will be done over the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!


The Floorplan

Obviously to create all these different areas we have to build a unique and flexible floorplan. The space we are working with used to be a tile store with two downstairs exhibition rooms and one huge upstairs storage. Our goal is, to turn these three rooms into 8 different zones/rooms.

Here is a little preview of the spaces we have planned:

Ground Floor

Floorplan interior Design and Architecture project basel ZWEI Design_01-01

First Floor

Floorplan interior Design and Architecture project basel ZWEI Design_02-01

Stay tuned, next week I will give you a look into my design concept and first drawings.

See you next week










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