Color interior inspiration 2018

Material and Interior Trends of 2018

New materials, new interiors, new trends

The new year is almost in reach which made us start thinking about what we would like to see more of in 2018. There are many materials and colors we have enjoyed this year and would like to see to continue in 2018 like ceramic, natural colors, brass, and velvet. Besides these already great trends, we are also looking forward adding, even more, variety within the interiors and objects we create.


Interior mood board 2018

We put together a mood board with some of the materials and colors we would like to see more of in 2018.

Color inspiration 2018 by ZWEI Design

  1. lots and lots of texture

    in 2018 its all about using materials that have a lot of texture, like linen, silk, wood, stone, rattan, etc. We are focusing on materials that are quite humble in their appearance and color but create depth due to there texture.

  2. Greenstone

    we love natural stones like marble, flint, onyx, jasper, quartz etc. this year we especially are focusing on green colored stones like new jade, green jasper, green marble, malachite, aventurin, and greenstone.

  3.  rustic colors

    we love natural colors like brown, beige, grey and green tones. This year we are taking it one step further and are experimenting with colors you could almost call rustic or aged. Colors like burgundy, rusty browns and oranges and charcoal black. Colors that somewhat look rich, heavy, and complex.

  4. Light wood

    maple wood, American Tulipwood, Pine, Ash and Birch all are light woods with very interesting but even structure. Woods, we really enjoy using since they create warmth while being discreet.

  5. dried and porous surfaces
    We are looking forward to surfaces that have a strong tactile quality. Materials like paper, leather, dried flowers, charcoaled wood, and wax.


Interior Inspiration

An interior we find putting these trends beautifully into practise is the inspiring  Airport lounge in Hong Kong designed by Ilse Crawford 



We hope you start inspired into the new year!

Unterschrift Love Talitha

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