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Airbnb swiss mountain chalet modern design travel inspiration

Modern architecture meets traditional chalet, an Airbnb Swiss mountain get-away

A beautiful Airbnb in the Swiss mountain


Every once in a while I need a short getaway, to get out of the everyday crazy and rewind. Thankfully due to modern travel habits and of course Airbnb, short trips almost have become Michael and my preferred way of travel.

Counting myself to the group of people who have a hard time relaxing on vacation, doing nothing often sounds more stressful than relaxing. My perfect kind of vacation is a time where I can live out my normal habits and daily routine in a new and inspiring environment. An environment, where I am allowed to take pauses and can stop thinking about all the little details and to-dos while experiencing and discovering beautiful and inspiring places.


Airbnb the perfect mix of staying home and being away.

Airbnb is the perfect modern travel solution for me. I actually choose the place we visit by the Airbnb home we want to be at. I generally know if I want to be in the mountains or at the sea, in France or in Italy. But the deciding factor is always the home we going to live in. Being a highly sensitive and visual person, I NEED to feel comfortable in the home I will stay in for a view days to really rewind and get myself in a relaxing state of mind. Michael tends to make fun of me for being so particular when it comes to the home we will stay in, but I guess that’s why my passion is interior design. The places we live in to me are not just nice canvas to look at, they form the base of my/our wellbeing and behaviour.

Inspired by architecture and the beauty of nature.


All this being said, I do want to share a view impressions of our last weekend getaway. We were looking for a home in the Swiss mountains. A home where I could look out to the mountain (because there is nothing I love more than a mountain view!) I found this stunning home in Zweisimmen. I love this place.

Architecturally it is so interesting! Jürg und Marinette, our hosts, converted an old barn into a modern piece of architecture. To preserve the look of the barn they actually build a modern home into the barn shell, which means we had the old barn structure outside and a modern structure inside. They used elements to connect the two like installing windows but not taking away the barn cladding from the outside. You actually look out through the cladding! Every detail was so purposeful and well designed!

I loved our stay, I loved our long walks through the mountains and coming “HOME” to an inspiring, clean and inviting place to spend the evenings at.

If this inspired you to take a trip to the Swiss mountains here is the link to this lovely place in ZWEIsimmen… (I just now realized that the word ZWEI is in this places name… I guess it was meant to be 🙂 )
Unterschrift Love Talitha

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