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My birthday wishlist 2018

Celebrating twenty-nine

It’s my birthday and since I am not 30 yet, that in itself is worth celebrating!

I did get asked a lot what I want for my birthday the past few days. I do feel very blessed to be able to say, that I really have everything I want, need and more!

This made my answer to most of my family and friends probably quite frustrating… “I need nothing”. Whenever you want to buy a present for someone that probably the worst answer, I know!

Instead of creating a list with what I want, I started to think about some objects that would be “nice” to have.


So here is my 2018 birthday “nice to have” wishlist!

    1. Portrait G by Gurilla
      Portrait G by Gurilla via ZWEI Design


    1. Atollo lamp by Oluce
      atollo oluce white tablelamo via ZWEI Design


    1. Ferm living Buckle Jar – Spotted
      ferm_living_speckle_paper_towel_holder ZWEI Design


    1. Georg Stool by skagerak
       Georg Stool, Oak danish design by ZWEI Design


    1. Formakami paper lights by Jamie Hayon for &tratition 
      andtradition_2016 Formakami jamie hayon via ZWEI Design


  1. TOTEME scarf
    TOTEME Scarf via ZWEI Design

    That’s it, my wishlist for 2018!
    Unterschrift Love Talitha

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