Office Makeover

Office space makeover

Bring some personality into your office space

Privat live and work live are blending more and more. This is certainly not a new information.

Since i myself spent about 9 to 10 hours a day at my desk the desire for a personal and inspiring space has been growing. I know i’m not alone with the wish for an aesthetically pleasing and inspiring workspace.

New office-space-concepts conquer the business world. In many startups you will find a table tennis, coffee bars and Co. The “gray in gray” workspace is a thing of the past. In today’s office spaces we find bright colors ergonomic chairs and smart storage spaces. I am a firm believer that the atmosphere we create can and will influence our creativity, productive and concentration. (In a few weeks i will do a series of blogpost on the topic of creating the right atmosphere within a workinviroment) But since not all of us have the opportunity to create a office space from scratch we have to work with accessors to enhance our work environment.


In this post we like to introduce 3 Office-trends and a simple Diy to decorate and organize your desk a little bit better.


Trend 1

white & WOOD – (The Minimalist)

Shiny and matt, noble and natural, high-performance and sustainability. Office accessories in white and wood are a minimal design statement. This minimal and clean design alows for structure and give visual room for creativity. Inspired by nordic decor I am a big fan of natural materials paired with a lot of white and that touch of elegance!

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Trend 2

Mid-Century eclectic (The Time Traveler)

The Mid-Century eclectic office look draws inspiration from the past as well as the present. Its inspiration is drawn from natural and organic shapes and the desire to blend living space with nature. Mid-Century Modern was the golden age of office design in America with distinct details like walnut veneers, beveled edges, and antique bronze finishes. This rich design with its detail for material, pattern and shape creates the perfect environment for an inspiring and cozy workspace.

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Trend 3

Color and pattern (The Happyplace)

Always with a smile! By bringing in bright colorful and patterned accessories the sun moves into the office. Anything fun, uplifting and inspiring is welcome in this space. That cute box from the macaron store, the postcard from last year’s summer trip, the funky yellow pineapple container. As long as it inspires and puts a smile on your face it’s right for that office trend.

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2311,2309,2295,2289″]

I hope these trends inspire you to give your office a little makeover.

We do want to leave your with a practical DIY.

DIY card stand

DIY card stand

This cute cardholder is a simple and easy way to give your desk a little bit more personality.

Read our full DIY card holder Blogpost to see how to do it yourself:)

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  1. Renatta says:

    Hey, Loved this and the ideas of creating a space that has bright colours and patterns – Art is also a great way to decorate your space! An idea like an art subscription program would go really well with an office and cold be swapped out for different work to suit the office style. Why Not Art is a great site offering art subscription packages to jazz up your office space. Check it out

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