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The office nature

Adding personalety to a space

Office personalety_ZWEI

Whenever designing an interior, I love to give the space some personality! Obviously there are many different ways to add some personality. Colors, Patterns and materials all can influence the personality of a space. But than Personality also can mean different things within a space. Oftentimes the space simply has to match the personality of the owner. Sometimes we have to create a personality to communicate a certain lifestyle or behavior through the space. And sometimes we simply have to give a space personality as part of the design process.


There are many ways on how to enhance or add some personality to a space ( learn more about how to influence atmosphere in our previous blogpost) One way to do it is to add artwork or pictures. I do love to add artwork to a space, but there always is the question on what type of artwork to choose. There are so many different options. Abstract Art, Prints, Graphicdesign, Photography etc… the list goes on and obviously Artwork usually comes with a price tag.

An office on a budget

On one of my last jobs i did was an “Office on a budget”. Starting out, this office had no clear personality. For me the challenge was to add this personality with minimal cost effort. The space itself was very clean and white with concrete walls and floors. A look I do really like, especially for an work environment. I tried to stay true to the character of the space and enhanced the attributes of the concrete trough color and clean and symmetrical lines within the furniture. My plan was to add some character and live through a lot of plants.

In my opinion Plants are the perfect choice whenever you want to break a sterile and clean environment and add some more soul to a space. Proposing the idea to the office crew, they loved the concept but pretty quickly admitted that any attempt to keep plants alive in the office failed. – Ok, so no urban jungle office I guess – I was not ready to give up tough. Thinking on how to still add some greenery to the space an idea came to mind.

Floating leaves

pressed flowers_Zwei


My plan was to combine artwork and nature, by pressing leaves and flowers and putting tham in glass frames! A DIY project was born.


The execution turned out to be very simply, cost effective and beautiful, a real win win.


This DIY project actually is very simple to do. I went on a walk and collected all sorts of leaves and flowers and pressed and dried them for a few days.

finding dried nature_Zwei


My Tip: don’t use leaves that have a lot of water content like succulents and evergreens, they won’t dry well.

Than i orders cut plexiglas in the sizes that would allow the leaves to float freely in the frame.

I glued the leaves to the plexiglas very carefully and laid the same size plexiglas ontop.

To secure the two plexiglas panels i added paper clips to the top and sides of the glas.



I Love these floating leave, because they actually combine two important elements. 1. They showcase the beauty and live nature provides and 2. add some real character to the space.

(And of course the extra benefit was, that they were real cheap to produce)


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