Influencing the way we experience space – Part 4

What influences the way we experience space? Before creating a space with a distinct atmosphere it is crucial to understand the difference between intended atmosphere and perceived atmosphere. Intended atmosphere is the way a space is designed to be experienced. Generally the creator of that space will make these decisions based on the  Identity, purpose and the emotional involvement that space is supposed to communicate. Perceived atmosphere is the way every...

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concrete interior

Working with concrete

Material aspects of concrete within our designs I actually never meant to work with concrete. It is not a material I am necessarily drawn to. I do like concrete in architecture, but as part of an interior objects I used to be quite careful with using this material. It is clean, sleek quite cold and  very versatile, so it has great characteristic when attentional used and in combination with other materials....

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the influence of atmosphere

Atmosphere and the role of design

What to look for in an atmosphere, the role of design In the previous blog post "Talking about Atmosphere and why it matters" I talked about Atmosphere and how it refers to the sensorial qualities that are being found in any space: sight, sound, scent, and touch. In this post I want to take a closer look, on how we can influence these qualities through design.   Atmosphere & Design I am going to take...

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atmosphere and interior

Talking about Atmosphere and why it matters

What is atmosphere? We all know about it, we all feel it and we all talk about it. - Atmosphere -, but what is an atmosphere, and why does it matter when talking about space?   Definition of atmosphere. Literally, atmosphere describes the space or air surrounding us. Atmosphere is always present and usually describes the „emotional quality“ of a space. It is an immediate form of physical perception, and is recognized through our...

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design basics learn design

Learn about design basics, share your knowledge!

Why we all learn more whenever we share our knowledge! I love that as a creatives our boundaries are not limited anymore! I love that I can try out things. Our digital age made it possble that we have access to knowledge that supports us on our journey of creativity! What seemed impossible, nowadays is possible! Who thought, that we could be a generation that can be whoever they wanne be....

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vase by aytmdesign

What makes a HOME?

What makes a home? (a definition of home) Well, as an international couple one of us always lives outside of his or her home country. That makes the definition of home a little bit more difficult. There are many ways we define Home. There is the emotional Home, a Home that is not tied to a place, city or even country. It’s a feeling of “home” whenever you are together with...

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ZWEI Design


A love for design There is an easy reason why we started ZWEI Design. It's because we LOVE DESIGN! We can’t help it; creating objects and sharing our aesthetic makes us happy! Our Vision Of course there also is a more complex idea behind ZWEI. We don't believe that design should be exclusive – it should be accessible. As a young married couple, both fresh out of college, money was always an issue....

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Talitha and Michael Banbridge from ZWEI Design.jpg

Hallo, Grüzi and Hello

Hello and welcome to ZWEI Design! We are Michael and Talitha, a German & American couple living on the border between Switzerland, Germany and France. Combining two cultures and living in different countries, we love to see and experience what this World has to offer. We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be inspired and influenced by the cultures we live in and the people we meet along the...

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