Why you should start using soy candles

Soy candle, a product not just for vegans

I’m somewhat obsessed with candles! It doesn’t matter how warm or bright it is outside, for me it’s always the right time to lighting a candle.

If you are like me and you go through a candle almost every other day, you might know the issue with soot. I certainly do! Truth be told i did not even realize how bad our walls were covered in soot until a few weeks ago. My husband did some handiwork in our appartementen, drilling a few whole into the wall to hang our brass wall hooks. While doing so, he cut himself, and got some blood-drops on our wall. Trying to clean the blood of ,what i thought was a white wall, i realized that there were covered in soot. Not just a little but a lot! We actually had more grey than white walls. But since it was evenly covered i did not realize it! We had no other option than to paint our entire apartment!

I was confrontated with giving up my candle obsession. But luckily Michael Moms told me to use soy candles.

-Thank you mom!-
Soy candles are made from the oil of soybeans. They burn slow and don’t produce any soot, how great is that! But there is even more. Soy’s greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable. Unlike paraffin which is a global reserve, soy can be grow like any other bean locally. Soy candles burn cleanly and slowly are eco-friendly and carbon neutral you see there are many pros to start using soy candles. I now certainly do, and hope by doing so don/t have to paint any time soon again!

Here are my top 3 soy candles

  1. Essentialia Naturals | Vanille Blanche

    This exclusive Soy candle is made by the French masters of parfümeure. Shop this candle here

    [gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2210,2208″]


  2. Beauty Scents | Champagner und Rose

    This handmade soy candle is infused with natural rose petals. The smell of rose is probably my favourite especially with the hint of champagne, which gives it the extra kick. Shop this candle here

    [gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2194,2192″]


  3. Broste Copenhagen |  Orange Lavendel

    Brosten knows how to bring beautiful things into your home. There minimal danish designed candles don’t just look pretty they also smell amazing.  Shop this candle here

[gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” ids=”2216,2214″]

Light it up 🙂


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