living room interior modern clean Scandinavian design interior living room Ikea sofa

A starter home with a calming and cozy Scandinavian interior

We just completed our first full remodel and interior design project, YAY! We had the pleasure to work with the best first client you can wish for, uncomplicated, trusting and open to our ideas! The transition from "having" to "living" in a home Our clients were (and still are :) ) a young couple about to be married, buying their first "real" home together. I remember that phase in Michael's and my life very...

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Interior and fashion choose the right interior color palette

How to choose the right color for your interior

Find the right interior color Picking out the right color is probably one of the hardest choices when it comes to Interior Design. I myself have faced that challenge for many years. There always has been that slight fear to make a wrong decision when it comes to picking out a color scheme for our interior. The challenge was to choose a color that both, looks good and we would like for...

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5 airbnb interior tips by ZWEI Design

5 Interior tips to create a successful Airbnb interior

Make some money with your Airbnb interior Airbnb and rental units a popping up left and right! It has never been that easy to make some extra money with the space available to most of us. The range of interiors available reach from spare bedrooms to entire Homes. The space you are willing to share is the limit. I was surprised whenever if learned how some clever homeowners are able to make...

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Guillaume_Alan_Victor_Hugo_Parisian apartment interior design via ZWEI Design

Guillaume Alan interior design creating a sanctuary in paris

Guillaume Alan: French Interior design at its best We are so thrilled to show you the work of French designer Guillaume Alan. This talented designer is based in Paris and in London and represents the modern French interior design that we love. Guillaume was born into the world of architecture and interior design. He was surrounded by architecture and beautiful furniture and antiques due to his parent's profession of being architects and his grandmother...

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Angela Willemens SEGMENTS Cover zwei design-03

Angela Willemsen, SEGMENTS

I had the chance to get to know Angela Willemsen, a young object designer based in Rotterdam. The way Angela is using her objects to create dynamic interest in often static room has inspired me right from the start! I love her work SEGMENTS, and I'm very excited to have the chance to ask her some question about her design process, her understanding of space and her work.   Hallo Angela, thanks...

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Blog cover ewelina makosa via

Ewelina Makosa

Ewelina Makosa is an Interior designer and artist, whose beautiful soft and harmonious esthetic immediately spoke to me. She has a unique approach to space color and shape and is a master of using these qualities within her interior designs as well as paintings. Together with her partner Jan Garncarek founder of Kokora, she embraces design in every way, and is not afraid to test out the unknown and refine...

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Anna-christine table light by ZWEI

Let there be light

Top 5 Lamp design for this winter Whenever the days are getting shorter and the sun slowly says goodbye for a few months, I long for light more than ever. Good thing that there ar lamps:) and even better that there are so many beautiful Designs out there, Designs that do not just bring light into darker days but also bring joy and aesthetic to the design pleasing eye. Here are...

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