Close up picture of the Interior Hoch 2 special edition Stand-up Candle Holder by ZWEI Design on the Vitra Metal Side Table next to the Thonet 209 Bent wood chair. By ZWEI Design.

Light wood, ceramic and foraged flower arrangements

This blog post is dedicated to a brief history of time. Looking back on how my love for foraged flowers, an 30-Year-old Thonet 209 chair and 6 Years of marriage all came together at one point. Michal and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on September the 8th. Celebrating our anniversary is something Michael and I have not been the best at. Our last 5 Anniversaries where, how can I put this…. somewhat “non-existing.” …

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Bilou Bilou velvet chair

A fabric covered dream     red, green, beige, blue, grey ...this fabric covered chair by Promemoria is simply cool. I love this Italian glam vibe this dining chair has. Paired with some neutral colors and clean polished surfaces this chair adds the right amount of color and glam.     The pop queen amongst chairs I love how Obumex has used the  BILOU BILOU Chair in this interior. Obumex calls it an "inviting sense of calm…" and I think its the...

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Top 10 wood chairs by ZWEI Design

Top 10 wooden chairs

Wooden chairs to love No other furniture piece has been as loved by designers and still inspires designer today than the chair. We have seen chairs in every shape, color, and material possible. From concrete to wire, fabric, cardboard, plastic to steam bend wooden chairs, there isn't a material that has not been used by designing throughout the years. we seen some crazy chairs like the marshmallow chair or the panton...

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The shell chair

My chair-crush the Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner I have that thing for chairs... especially the Shell Chair CH07 by Hans J. Wegner. This great piece of design, with its it’s organic curved seat, was introduced in 1963. It is one of Wegners most sculptural pieces and one of my favorites! This chair is so unique in its design and almost has a sculptural appearance. The Shell Chair is a sculptural...

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