Marbled Christmas cookie recipe

Love your neighbors. Michael and I live in a 7 apartment complex. It definitely is not typical here in Germany to know or even be friends with your neighbors. Somehow it seems almost unnatural to allow the people you live with in the same building to be part of your life. Michael and I moved into our current apartment right after we got married. I was 23 at the time and moved from my parents home into...

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A ZWEI Design kind of christmas

Christmas a little bit all over the place I love the Christmas season, with all its beautiful decor, music and smells. Christmas is such a sensual holiday where all my senses are stimulated. I love this time of the year! The wold is covered in a white blanket, family and traditions are celebrated and I have an excuse to spend some extra time on decoration and crafts.   Finding time for the things we...

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christmas cookie jar diy blog cover via

Christmas cookie jar DIY

Create a modern and minimal cookie jar for this yeas christmas goodies. ­ ­ ­ Is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked christmas cookies, while in the background Frank Sinatra is singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. I can’t think of much else. I do love this time of the year, where for weeks that pleasant anticipation is hanging in the air. This time of the year I love to be creative...

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Eames Elephant at vitra deisgn museum

Christmas with the Eames Elephant

The Eames Elephant as christmas decoration What is not to love about the eames elephant! Designed by Charles and Ray Eames as a toy elephant made of plywood in 1945. Now manufactured by vitra in plastic, the Eames Elephant is a design gem and a highlight not just for the attended target group, children. Last Christmas we surprisingly found the Eames Elephant in a way it could not be more unexpected, as...

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christmas wreath diy by

Christmas wreath DIY

Inexpensive and easy Christmas wreath on a hanger     This Christmas wreath DIY is the cheapest and easiest way, to add some green to your Christmas decor this year! It literally costs you (almost) nothing and is super easy to do! For the wreath, I used an old wire hanger, that I found in my closet.     All you have do, is to bend the Wire until it creates a more or less perfect circle. Don’t worry if...

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origami paper diamond diy via

Black paper diamond DIY

Christmas noir decor This Christmas we are going noir. To help you create some inexpensive and easy decoration we show you a simple origami inspired black paper diamond DIY Paper diamond DIY To get started all you need is some black paper, a glue stick and scissors If you pervert to watch this DIY click here. If not you start with 1. creating a perfect square out of your piece of paper 2. Fold it from one corner...

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