I see marble

The beauty of Marble Marble, in my opinion one of the most delicate and beautiful natural materials. When limestone deforms under heat and pressure, beautiful marble of different colors and crystal structures are formed. Marble can vary in color from pure white to gray, blue and green tones. Alone the different structures and color this stunning natural material comes in, make it worth to take a closer look at the different types...

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Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco

Two eras that still inspire Art Nouveau and Art Deco do not just sound similar, both designs evolved as a response to the culture of their times. Art Nouveau or Jugendstil was most popular between 1890 and 1910 responding to the industrial revolution. Art Deco on the other hand followed from 1920 to 1940 after World War 1 and the great depression. Where Art Nouveau is known for flowery shapes and...

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influancing-atmosphere zwei-design.com

Know your space, create the right atmosphere – Part 5

Design for the right type of space! As we have already talked about in previous posts, understanding and archiving the right atmosphere is quite a complex matter. Even more so, if we look at space itself. If we want to understand Space we should know that there are four different areas of spaces we can create an atmosphere for. Public, Semi Public, Semiprivate and Private areas. Each of these areas will communicate...

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Influencing the way we experience space – Part 4

What influences the way we experience space? Before creating a space with a distinct atmosphere it is crucial to understand the difference between intended atmosphere and perceived atmosphere. Intended atmosphere is the way a space is designed to be experienced. Generally the creator of that space will make these decisions based on the  Identity, purpose and the emotional involvement that space is supposed to communicate. Perceived atmosphere is the way every...

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the influence of atmosphere

Atmosphere and the role of design

What to look for in an atmosphere, the role of design In the previous blog post "Talking about Atmosphere and why it matters" I talked about Atmosphere and how it refers to the sensorial qualities that are being found in any space: sight, sound, scent, and touch. In this post I want to take a closer look, on how we can influence these qualities through design.   Atmosphere & Design I am going to take...

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atmosphere and interior zwei-design.com

Talking about Atmosphere and why it matters

What is atmosphere? We all know about it, we all feel it and we all talk about it. - Atmosphere -, but what is an atmosphere, and why does it matter when talking about space?   Definition of atmosphere. Literally, atmosphere describes the space or air surrounding us. Atmosphere is always present and usually describes the „emotional quality“ of a space. It is an immediate form of physical perception, and is recognized through our...

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design basics learn design

Learn about design basics, share your knowledge!

Why we all learn more whenever we share our knowledge! I love that as a creatives our boundaries are not limited anymore! I love that I can try out things. Our digital age made it possble that we have access to knowledge that supports us on our journey of creativity! What seemed impossible, nowadays is possible! Who thought, that we could be a generation that can be whoever they wanne be....

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