Dubrovska Studio brass cane weave shutters

Dubrovska Studio | watch out for brass and cane weave shutters

The amazing work by Dubrovska Studio. After getting an overwhelming response on this Photo, I had to dedicate a blog post to this amazing project called sense.  I am deeply in awe of this interior. The soft powdery colors and textures used, create an almost surreal atmosphere. This interior really was created to speak to our senses.From the Formakami Lamps for &Tradition by Hayon Studio to the sink all materials are humble, honest and somehow rudimentary...

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Blog cover_Dean Toepfer_ZWEI Design-03

Dean Toepfer – the urban minimalist

I had the pleasure of talking to Dean Toepfer, an Australian furniture designer whose background is in fashion design. His urban and physical understanding of shape and form is reflected in the modern and dynamic form language of his furniture pieces. Inspired by the great masters of minimalism and functional design, Dean achieves a cross between these established qualities while adding a modern and abstract twist to his designs!   Hallo Dean tell...

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Brass Lamp cover via zwei-design.comBrass Lamp cover via zwei-design.com

Brass-tastic lamps

All brass all fabulous Brass is a uniquely humble but strongly beautiful material. This shiny metal is as luxurious but much more affordable option to gold. Since Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc it is  like gold a very soft material. This allows brass to be used in the most creative, versatile and beautiful shapes. I especially get inspired by all brass lamps at the moment. The...

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Metropols lampby Kokora

The Metropolis Lamp

Metropolis, a lamp designed by Jan Garncarek, inspired from the past crafted for the now. A few weeks ago, I came across the work by Jan Garncarek (founder of Kokora) and immediately fell in love with his work and design aesthetic. One piece of design that is worth introducing in particular, is the Metropolis lamp. Stylistically and formwise I haven't seen anything like this before! What I love about Jan Garncareks work...

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HAOS, light that shines beyond design.

“Without frenzy, without apathy, without pretence”. - Marcus Aurelius This quote by Marcus Aurelius sums up the intention behind the beautiful light fixtures designed by HAOS. Who is HAOS? HAOS was founded by Sophie Gelinet and Cédric Gepner in 2015. Starting out with a Light collection they present a unique and fresh outlook on design. Each object they design dictates the time and process it which it needs to be created; allowing them to...

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