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A starter home with a calming and cozy Scandinavian interior

We just completed our first full remodel and interior design project, YAY! We had the pleasure to work with the best first client you can wish for, uncomplicated, trusting and open to our ideas! The transition from "having" to "living" in a home Our clients were (and still are :) ) a young couple about to be married, buying their first "real" home together. I remember that phase in Michael's and my life very...

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Taking on a construction site

Week 1 This is my interior diary where I will take you with me, on my journey of taking on a construction site in the heart of Basel Switzerland and transforming this space into a warm and welcoming semi-private space (learn more about what a semi-private spaces in my blog post Know your space, create the right atmosphere – Part 5).   Opportunity or challenge? Opportunities come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. My...

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