Close up picture of the Interior Hoch 2 special edition Stand-up Candle Holder by ZWEI Design on the Vitra Metal Side Table next to the Thonet 209 Bent wood chair. By ZWEI Design.

Light wood, ceramic and foraged flower arrangements

This blog post is dedicated to a brief history of time. Looking back on how my love for foraged flowers, an 30-Year-old Thonet 209 chair and 6 Years of marriage all came together at one point. Michal and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on September the 8th. Celebrating our anniversary is something Michael and I have not been the best at. Our last 5 Anniversaries where, how can I put this…. somewhat “non-existing.” …

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Pink Stand-up Candle Holder and flower tulip arrangement banner

The perfect flower arrangement

Sharing the joy of having a fresh flower arrangement at home This blog post literally has no other purpose than visually sharing my joy of receiving the most beautiful flower arrangement with you! But bevor I do, there is a little backstory...   Being sick. Isn't it the worst?! It's not often I do get sick, and whenever I am, I tend to not take my sickness very seriously. Generally, my preferred approach to fight a sickness...

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Guillaume_Alan_Victor_Hugo_Parisian apartment interior design via ZWEI Design

Guillaume Alan interior design creating a sanctuary in paris

Guillaume Alan: French Interior design at its best We are so thrilled to show you the work of French designer Guillaume Alan. This talented designer is based in Paris and in London and represents the modern French interior design that we love. Guillaume was born into the world of architecture and interior design. He was surrounded by architecture and beautiful furniture and antiques due to his parent's profession of being architects and his grandmother...

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Ontwerpduo interview dutch design zwei design-05

Ontwerpduo: dutch design for the imaginative home

Talking to Ontwerpduo   I have loved the designs by Ontwerpduo for a while now. This is why I was especially excited to meet the creative mind behind the brand, Tineke Beunders, at the Blickfang Messe in Basel. After meeting Tineke, it made me love the brand even more. Right from the beginning, Tineke was open, interested and kind. She took the time to tell me more about her designs, her creative...

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Blog cover_Dean Toepfer_ZWEI Design-03

Dean Toepfer – the urban minimalist

I had the pleasure of talking to Dean Toepfer, an Australian furniture designer whose background is in fashion design. His urban and physical understanding of shape and form is reflected in the modern and dynamic form language of his furniture pieces. Inspired by the great masters of minimalism and functional design, Dean achieves a cross between these established qualities while adding a modern and abstract twist to his designs!   Hallo Dean tell...

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Jan Garncarek Kokora via


Kokora, inspired by the past crafted for the now. I came across the work by Jan Garncarek (founder of Kokora)  a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love with his work and design aesthetic. The first piece of work I got to know from Kokora was the Metropolis lamp. Stylistically and formwise I hadn't seen a lamp like this before! I got even more excited whenever I had the chance...

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Blog cover ewelina makosa via

Ewelina Makosa

Ewelina Makosa is an Interior designer and artist, whose beautiful soft and harmonious esthetic immediately spoke to me. She has a unique approach to space color and shape and is a master of using these qualities within her interior designs as well as paintings. Together with her partner Jan Garncarek founder of Kokora, she embraces design in every way, and is not afraid to test out the unknown and refine...

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hallo 2017 happy new year via

Looking back 2016

This year is almost over and I can look back to a year of opportunities, creativity and hard work. When I looking back, I also can look at a year filled with joy, love, appreciation, change and growth. I am not the kind of person that looks back and hangs on to the good old times. My past is like a treasure chest. A chest where I collect all the beautiful,...

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