Ikebana botanical-inspired flower art_2 via ZWEI Design

The Art of Ikebana

A minimal way of arranging flowers

Some of you may already know what the meaning of this Japanese word is. For those who don’t, i promise after reading this blog post you will:)

personally, I actually have only come across this word and its meaning a few months ago… which now that I know about it is quite surprising to me:)


Photography: M. K. Sadler | Florals and Design: Studio Mondine

So what is Ikebana?

Ikebana is an old Japanese art of creating flower arrangement. The origin of this botanical artform, is found as offerings in Buddhism. As with most Japanese traditions, you probably only ever will understand the meaning behind this tradition, if you fully understand the Japanese culture. In my understanding, this way of flower styling is always a representation of the seasons and the thankfulness towards nature. It’s a way of respecting and honoring the beauty and life that nature provides.


Photography: M. K. Sadler | Florals and Design: Studio Mondine

 Keeping it simple but attentional

Of course, there are many different styles of Ikebana and also very strict rules on how to assemble an arrangement. In essence, Ikebana is a holistic way of looking at all parts of a flower. Emphasis on its shape, line, and form. The flower or stem is always placed straight up, as a sign of growth. Not many flowers, stalks, and leaves are usually needed. Ikebana is all about the minimalism within the arrangement and the connection between nature and us. One thing important whenever arranging an Ikebana is the creation of a triangle.  One point of the arrangement should face up, representing heaven, one piece should be placed low representing earth, and one piece should face sidewards or to the front representing man.


Ikebana botanical-inspired flower art _3 noirvia ZWEI Design

Vase by Jaime Hayón for Fritz Hansen


A modern interpretation of a traditional art form

What really has captured me, is the modern interpretation of this flower art form. Modern arrangements almost have a sculptural quality to it. Using unique vessels and the most minimal flowers, create stunning pieces that capture my attention and have almost a surreal aesthetic.

Flower design by Toshiro Kawase

What I love about this style of flower arrangement is the possibility to create something unique and sculptural. I am definitely not an Ikebana master, but I love to keep my eyes open while on a walk to find the few branches, flowers and stimes needed to creat something truly beautiful.


Unterschrift Love Talitha

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