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The key to a modern, rustic family kitchen

Space, comfort and durability. These three words are among the most wished attributes we hear when talking to interior clients about their kitchens. Especially when the client is a family.
The kitchen is (or has become again) the heart of a family home. More than just a room for cooking and eating, it is a place where families start their days together, a space where conversations, discussions and community takes place and even a spot for arts, crafts and games. When a client commissions a kitchen design their wishes and expectations become clear rather quickly.

“The kitchen has become an extension of the living room and as such, should be a room that is easy to live in and use.”
Interior kitchen plan farmhouse kitchen

When we think about a family kitchen we think about busy breakfasts, family dinners, first cooking and baking attempts with the kids. More than a few “mishaps” and “accidents” should also be expected along the way. Often, when clients have children, especially young ones, the common thought is, “We will wait to buy ‘nicer’ things for when our children are grown.” While this may seem like sound logic, we believe that by investing in a durable and timeless kitchen, you are able to enjoy all of what a quality kitchen has to offer without the fear of something being ruined. By simply choosing the right materials, your kitchen can be easier to maintain and quicker to clean. A near must for parents.

Flatlay farmhouse kitchen wood brass black

Key rules for a successful kitchen design for family living 

The modern family kitchen must not only be comfortable, but also be able to endure daily life. That is why we suggest the following guidelines when designing your kitchen.

  1. Designate clear zones. For example, designate a zone for work (to do homework, pay bills etc), for gatherings (to easily converse, eat, play games, etc.) and, of course, a zone where you can effectively cook, prep and clean. Figure out what zones are important for your family from the beginning and keep them in mind as you search for materials and finalize your kitchen layout.
  2. Think “Audrey Hepburn.” In other words, timeless. Design your kitchen to endure trends. Focus on longterm beauty rather than a current fad – especially because your kitchen will serve as a backdrop for many family photos. Simply ask yourself, “How will this look 10 years from now?”
  3. Don’t skimp! Use high-quality materials in your kitchen. How you experience your kitchen for years to come is important. Cheaper materials will either need to be replaced more often or cause frustration. Remember, buying twice is just as expensive as buying once.
Woodgrain ceramic countertop rustic kitchen planing interior design

A woodgrain ceramic Countertop like the rover buskin by SapienStone* the perfect countertop for a family kitchen.

ROVERE BUCKSKIN is the perfect countertop for a family kitchen. Its warm colour and natural texture have a wood like quality which immediately creates an inviting and natural feel within the kitchen. By combining ROVERE BUCKSKIN with modern black cabinetry and gold accents, the kitchen suddenly becomes a humble, friendly and inviting place. It is all the attributes we love in farmhouse kitchens, but in a modern context. Continue the feel by adding additional materials like hardwood flooring and natural cotton or linen fabrics for curtains, napkins or cushions. This will amplify the cozy and comfortable vibe of your kitchen.

Woodgrain ceramic countertop

In regards to durability, a woodgrain ceramic countertop also satisfies all the requirements. Since the countertop is made of porcelain, not wood, it is without question hardwearing and requires low maintenance. You can place a boiling pot of pasta directly on the countertop, easily wipe away spills and spots with your cleaner of choice (even chemical cleaners) and the surface will resist accidental knife cuts when preparing family dinners.

A ceramic countertop like the Rovere Buckskin is resistant to stains and scratches making it the ideal alternative to a solid wood countertop. Simply think about the durability of the materials you use in your family kitchen, to allows your family to be a family.

  • AD/ This blogpost is written in cooperation and sponsored by SapienStone

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