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Interior inspiration midcentury raw extravaganza_zwei design

The room I would create right now | P2

Interior design inspired by raw materials, natural colors and a little bit of bling

As much as I love platforms like instagram and pinterest  as sources for interior and design inspiration, they also can be quite a curse. Thousands upon thousand of stunning pieces of furniture, beautiful architecture and interiors and endless opportunities to browse around and to get inspired. As a creative, and especially as an interior designer, I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode from all the inspiration.

Since I do not want my head to explode, but I do want to capture these inspirations, I created the series “the room I would create right now”. For my own sanity and hopefully a little bit for your enjoyment, I try to capture the pieces and designs that I would love to work with at that moment.

This weeks’ inspiration comes from a lot of research on natural and raw materials as well as combining elegant and luxurious objects with strong and rather rough furniture pieces.
I call it:

Raw Extravaganza

Interior inspiration midcentury raw extravaganza_zwei design

Create the Look

Inspired by the Desalto Clay Table in combination with the half moon mirror by Ben and Aja Blanc, this room is a perfect mix of rawness and eleganz. I would combine these pieces with the design classic Standard SP chair, designed by my all time favorite designer Jean Prouvé, to give it a more midcentury and classic look. Adding more lux elements like the Hayon tablecollection and the Line floor lamp and you have a elegant but well balanced looking interior.


Interior inspiration midcentury raw extravaganza_zwei design

1. Half moon mirror by Ben and Aja Blanc

2. Standard SP by Jean Prouvé

3. Desalto clay table

4. Jaime Hayon tablecollection

5. Bosa stool by Jayon Hayon

6. Line floor lamp by Douglas and Bec


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