The shell chair

My chair-crush the Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner

I have that thing for chairs… especially the Shell Chair CH07 by Hans J. Wegner. This great piece of design, with its it’s organic curved seat, was introduced in 1963. It is one of Wegners most sculptural pieces and one of my favorites!

Shell Chair by Carl Hansen & Son

Shell Chair at aprilandmay

This chair is so unique in its design and almost has a sculptural appearance. The Shell Chair is a sculptural chair with a triangular footprint, it’s three-legged construction provides absolute stability. The seat and back are made from form-pressed hardwood laminates. The front legs are made of one piece of continuous laminated wood, the back leg from another. It really is a beautiful pieces of woodwork! To seeing the making of click here.

The Shell Chair by Carl Hansen & Son

I personally love the combination of wood and leather/fabric this Chair comes in.

This chair was first presented in 1963 but still looks modern and timeless. And that’s the greatest compliment and proof for a truly marvelous design.

The Shell Chair by Carl Hansen &Son

The chair should be placed where it can be viewed from all sides to make sure this thoughtful design can fully be appreciated. I could go on, but I think you guys get that I love this chair!


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