Timeless Christmas decoration with Anastasia Benko

Anastasia Benko is a photographer and stylist and has become a friend of ours.

She is kind, creative and super talented. Her eye for composition, interior and design is inspiring and definitely something we can learn a lot from.

Her work always has a nod to the timeless, to the things that seem to have eternal elegance and soul. Her work tells a story of beautiful and unique places that a worth discovering.

ZWEI Design und Anastasia benko diy weihnachten2

We were thrilled to see Anastasia use our Stand-up for 4 advent candle holder in her latest styling and DIY work for the SoLebIch blog. We think her Styling and photography turned out lovely and the DIY is great. Make sure to head over to the blog and see for yourself.

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One thought on “Timeless Christmas decoration with Anastasia Benko

  1. Anastasia says:

    You guys! My heart just skipped a beat when I discovered this post! Thank you for sharing and spreading so much love! Your friendship is the best Christmas present ever and now I am actually sad that you didn’t jump out of the box with the stand-up wishing you the most magical holiday season, you beautiful people and may all of your wishes come true! Sending LOVE♥️ A. Xoxo

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