Top 10 wood chairs by ZWEI Design

Top 10 wooden chairs

Wooden chairs to love

No other furniture piece has been as loved by designers and still inspires designer today than the chair. We have seen chairs in every shape, color, and material possible. From concrete to wire, fabric, cardboard, plastic to steam bend wooden chairs, there isn’t a material that has not been used by designing throughout the years. we seen some crazy chairs like the marshmallow chair or the panton chair, we have seen design classics like the Wassily chair or the Eames plastic armchair and grand designs like the Platner chair. But there is something especially beautiful about the simplicity and the basic aesthetic of a wooden chair. The focusing of material and shape is what, in my opinion, makes the wooden chair an anchor in every home.


Always on the hunt for chairs

Michael (my husband) and I are constantly on the hunt on finding and extending our chairs collection. In the past few months, we have re-discovered our love for simple steam bend and plywood chairs. This has inspired me to put together a list of my favorite wooden chairs. I narrowed them down to 10 since it seems like a nice number, but there a definitely are much more chairs I find inspiring than that:).


My top 10 wooden chairs

Top 10 wooden chair by ZWEI Design Instagram

bento_chair_hem via ZWEI Design


I hope you enjoyed this little collection of chairs.

I wish you all a lovely day





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